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Collection: Alicia
The Alicia Collection does it again. This time an open band in 9ct gold features double, vertical bars that almost meet in the middle. Chic and streamlined this fashion ring makes a bold statement...
59.95€ Ex Tax:59.95€
A classic band in 9ct rose gold displays a row of black cubic zirconia set in a traditional fashion. Sizes 49, 52, 56..
79.95€ Ex Tax:79.95€
This on-trend fashion ring is crafted in 9ct rose gold and boasts black cubic zirconia creating a bold look that reminds you to always move forward. ..
130.00€ Ex Tax:130.00€
Truly unique this mixed-tone piece is finely crafted in 9ct rose gold. Featuring a black cubic zirconia band and wrap over white solitaire stone. Sizes 50, 52, 54, 56..
140.00€ Ex Tax:140.00€
Collection: Love is
In a breathtaking statement of love, this sparkling white cubic zirconia is set in 9ct white gold...
99.00€ Ex Tax:99.00€
This small but bold ring in 9ct white gold can also be worn as a signet ring. It sparkles with black and white cubic zirconia and is available in sizes 49, 50, 56..
59.95€ Ex Tax:59.95€
Collection: Athina
Presented in 9ct gold this luxurious ring makes an eye-catching statement. Two bands cross over to create a large X, part of the Athina Collection...
99.00€ Ex Tax:99.00€
Set in 9ct white gold this double cross ring features a cross in white cubic zirconia and a smaller black cubic zirconia cross. Available in sizes 51, 53..
95.00€ Ex Tax:95.00€
Two 9ct rose gold hearts presented in an unusual design. The interesting curves are embellished with black cubic zirconia and create an accessory that oozes contemporary elegance...
139.00€ Ex Tax:139.00€
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