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A classic band in 9ct rose gold displays a row of black cubic zirconia set in a traditional fashion. Sizes 49, 52, 56..
89.00€ Ex Tax:89.00€
This on-trend fashion ring is crafted in 9ct rose gold and boasts black cubic zirconia creating a bold look that reminds you to always move forward. ..
130.00€ Ex Tax:130.00€
Truly unique this mixed-tone piece is finely crafted in 9ct rose gold. Featuring a black cubic zirconia band and wrap over white solitaire stone. Sizes 50, 52, 54, 56..
140.00€ Ex Tax:140.00€
Collection: Love is
In a breathtaking statement of love, this sparkling white cubic zirconia is set in 9ct white gold...
99.00€ Ex Tax:99.00€
This small but bold ring in 9ct white gold can also be worn as a signet ring. It sparkles with black and white cubic zirconia and is available in sizes 49, 50, 56..
59.95€ Ex Tax:59.95€
Collection: Athina
Unique and fun this fashion ring is a great anytime look. Crafted in 9ct matte gold this ring features two bands arranged in an open tier...
120.00€ Ex Tax:120.00€
A classic eternity band in 9ct white gold is lined with white cubic zirconia for an elevated look. Sizes 50, 52, 53, 54, 58..
89.00€ Ex Tax:89.00€
This sweet band alternates black cubic zirconia with a heart lined band in 9ct rose gold. ..
179.00€ Ex Tax:179.00€
Collection: Alicia
This eclectic and minimalist style ring is in 9ct gold and features an inverted V band made up of round beads creating a scalloped appearance...
75.00€ Ex Tax:75.00€
This small but bold ring in 9ct rose gold can also be worn as a signet ring. It presents an open heart which sparkles with black cubic zirconia and is available in sizes 48, 50..
55.00€ Ex Tax:55.00€
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