Here is a list of four of the most popular trends right now and the best pieces the Summer season has to offer.




This year you will reminisce the summers gone by. Summer school vacations when you ran to the beach and collected shells that you ultimately made into necklaces. As seashell jewelry is right on- trend we are sure you wish you had held onto those handmade necklaces from way back when. Since the Spring of 2019 jewelry including or solely made from shells has been hugely trendy, if not the hottest of the season. In fact, it has reached a whole new level. Gold-plated natural shells by Jewls and Jems create the most glam and stylish summer accessory.




The next trend brings us memories and images, this time, from the 90’s. Of course we are talking about Anklets, aka ankle bracelets. Like most 90’s trends, anklets are here to give a subtle vintage touch to our summer look and beyond. The range is however, not limited to a simple ankle chain like yesteryear but instead you may find the pieces adorned with natural stones, beads and even shells.




Another trend for the summer of 2019 comes from the past too. We are of course talking about the all- time favourite pair of hoop earrings. Stylish women the world over have loved, owned and worn these classic loop earrings. Their versatility allows them to be worn regardless of the occasion and we bet you have at least one pair of gold hoop earrings in your jewelry collection.




Gold jewelry has always been a classic choice. This year we can’t deny that it is more than that. Gold jewelry is a MUST! It has the ability to make the wearer feel more beautiful and radiant. A unique and special matte gold ring like one from our Athina Collection by Jewls and Jems guarantees style and elegance. Also, bracelets in gold can be worn solo or layered for a look that is right on-trend this summer.