Gift shopping in the  pandemic.


The pandemic has brought a shift towards a more digital world and has sparked changes in online shopping habits around the globe.

 Out of necessity consumers have opted to safely shop online more frequently and e-commerce is now part of our daily lives.

 Jewls and Jems makes online shopping enjoyable and effortless with an easy to navigate website and hundreds of wonderful products to choose from.

As an extra bonus we want our customers to enjoy opening a bespoke, attractive package.


Unboxing’ has become such a huge part of the online shopping experience and we are delighted to offer it to our valued patrons.


With Christmas around the corner .Shops uncertain whether they will be open and courier companies scrambling to provide punctual delivery,

early shopping is a must this year.

 In view of the covid crisis we have chosen a couple of ideal gift options.

 From the Elle Collection, a  rose plated sterling silver necklace with a celestial star featuring

Black cubic zirconia only 14,95 euro.