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26 Jul Summer jewellery trends 2023 by Jewls and Jems
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Is there such a thing as summer or winter jewelry?  Well not exactly.Just as we differ as people in winter compared with Summer, so do jewelry collections differ. Summer calls for light, airy dresses ..
12 May Mothers Day : What gift should i get her ?
09 Mar Layering necklaces : Choose the one that suits you best !
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Layering necklaces: What necklace to choose Jewelry layering has been one of the biggest trends in fashion during recent years.Combining and layering your necklaces is one of the most intelligent and ..
19 Dec Τι κοσμήματα να φορέσω φέτος τα Χριστούγεννα;
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Οι γιορτινές μέρες είναι πρό των πυλών και να που ήρθε ξανά η εποχή της λάμψης! Τα Χριστούγεννα είναι μία περίοδος αγαπητή για τους περισσότερους ανθρώπους, όλοι ερχόμαστε πιο κοντά με τους αγαπημένου..
19 Oct Titanium rings / wedding rings: why are they such a popular choice?
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Titanium rings / wedding rings: why are they such a popular choice?Searching for your perfect wedding rings for your special day? Finding that titanium rings are one of the latest trends in fashion? D..
19 Aug Silver Evil Eye Necklace with zircon - the latest trend !
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Silver Necklace with a zircon evil eye – the hottesttrendEvil eye jewelry has been one of the biggest andmost timeless trends in the jewelry industry.Today, more than ever, we see bracelets, ringsand ..
18 Feb March Bracelets - Spring it on!
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The 1st of March signifies the beginning of spring in Greece and the “Marti” bracelet comprised of red and white string goes alongside it. The white symbolizes purity, while the red color stands for l..
04 Feb Valentines Day 22' : gift ideas
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Valentine’s day is a unique opportunity for all of us to show appreciation to those we love.Valentine’s day originated from the annual celebration of Saint Valentine, on February the 14th. Since then,..
19 Nov Gift Shopping in the pandemic.
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Gift shopping in the  pandemic. The pandemic has brought a shift towards a more digital world and has sparked changes in online shopping habits around the globe. Out of necessity consumers have opted ..
07 Feb Gift Guide:For Valentine's Day
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The countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun and that  means that you have a unique opportunity to make your loved one feel extra special. On this day, couples express their feelings and their love towa..
04 Sep The Eye Story
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EVIL EYE AMULET An amulet is an ornament or small piece of jewellery thought to give protection against danger or disease. It has been used for many years in Middle Eastern countries and the Mediterra..
04 Sep Jewelry Trends for Summer 2019
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Here is a list of four of the most popular trends right now and the best pieces the Summer season has to offer. SEASHELL JEWELRY This year you will reminisce the summers gone by. Summer school vacatio..
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