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Payment Methods


1) Cash on Delivery At time of delivery, you must have the exact order total indicated in the shipping confirmation e-mail in cash. This payment method has an additional cost of 3,00€.

(Applied only for purchases within Greece and Cyprus)

2) PayPal via your Credit Card PayPal is a 100% safe way to easily shop online. It’s the most common payment method for shopping online and it is trusted by millions of consumers around the world. Your account will be charged once the order is completed. You do not have to register Paypal as long as your Credit Card is Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

3) Credit CardVisa, MasterCard

Bank Transfer.

If you have chosen bank transfer as your method of payment .Please note your order will be kept  on hold until the funds are cleared .To avoid wasting time and confusion make sure that your name and order  number are referred to in the transfer. Also sending an email to with the order number name and deposit date(or copy) will definitely  help the accounts department allocate the funds to your purchase so as to release your order ASAP.


ALPHA BANK  4390 0200 2018 366  IBAN GR13 0140 4390 4390 0200 2018 366   

PIRAEUS BANK  5019 1031 2304 7   IBAN GR20 0172 0190 0050 1910 3123 047

National Bank of Greece   7150 0644 167   IBAN GR98 0110 7150 0000 7150 0644 167